30 Dec The importance of owning your internal compass

Resilience and our Internal Compass

Self-belief is the cornerstone of success, whether it’s a goal you want to reach, a barrier to overcome or you long to feel more confident and value your own self worth. Whatever it is, you are far more likely to succeed if you believe in yourself and are emotionally resilient.

To be resilient is to have the ability to move forward from adversity and learn and grow from it. Resilience encapsulates a handful of different concepts; emotional intelligence, self belief and confidence, taking responsibility for your actions, your ability to be adaptable, and having a strong sense of purpose.  But ultimately it is about having the ability to tap into your internal compass.

Your internal compass, also known as your intuition, your higher self, your subconscious, however you want to label it.  It’s always there, but so often our minds and lives are so busy, we don’t take the time to listen to it.

However, having the ability to frequently tap into our internal compass is paramount for our success in all areas of our lives.

Having an awareness of where we are, what works for us (and what doesn’t), ultimately where we would like to be and the kind of life we would like to be living is within reach.  It is achievable.  But bridging the gap between the two can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused, like someone has switched off our internal GPS system.  This often manifests as confusion, stress and anxiety about what the future holds.

How do we know when we’re tapped in?

Fear comes up when we are living in our heads and not tuned into our hearts.  When you tune into your heart, listen to your intuition and follow the breadcrumbs the Universe leaves you, that is when your internal compass is facing true north.  That is the feeling you need to learn to tune into, that will take your life in the right direction.

Learning to connect with your internal compass will ultimately help you make the changes you need to make in your life.  It is invaluable.

When you are properly tuned in, and have the ability to live your life with integrity, it feels like you’ve come home.


  • Bring your awareness to the centre of your chest, take three deeps breaths (making the out breath longer than the in) and let your mind go quiet and listen.
  • Practise frequent mindfulness or silent meditation.
  • Remember that thoughts are just thoughts and do create your reality, for better or for worse.
  • Always check in with yourself, where am I coming from in this moment?
  • Visualise a compass, and in your minds eye watch the pointer move round the compass’ rose and point back to true north.


What will it give me?

Being able to follow your compass will always guide you ‘home’ and will align you with your purpose in life, whatever that may look like to you.  It will help you overcome obstacles and adversities along the way with more ease and build up your layers of emotional resilience.  It will make you more present in your every day life and begin to once again find peace and joy moment to moment.

Above all else, it will allow you to know your own truth which in turn will bring you inner confidence, knowing, self-belief and self-worth.  You will trust yourself above and beyond anything else, no matter what is going on on the outside.

You will move from uncertainty to certainty and be clear, focused and follow your own path to living your life by design, not by default.  You will find what really DEFINES YOU.


When a compass is pointing true north, this equates to zero degrees.  Zero in numerology means infinity, no beginning and no end of possibility.  It also represents the beginning of the spiritual journey, the awakening.

With love,

Nicola xx



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