“My training and experience has taught me that everything anyone needs, or thinks they need, they already have within them, it’s just their potential has not yet been tapped into.”


I am a transitional coach helping women develop the inner resilience, strength and confidence to create the life they want to live.  However, 18 months ago, my life looked very different…  My story began in summer 1995 at the tender age of 19.  A friend of my mums handed me a book and told me to read it.  It was called ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr Brian Weiss.  I devoured it and then devoured every book Brian Weiss had ever written, hungry to know more about the concept of spirituality.  Its all I could think about for many, many years.  I tried to incorporate all my learnings into my life and how I interacted with people.  I became a much gentler and compassionate person as a result.


Getting to know myself


For my time at Uni and a few years after, I was in a long term relationship but as I hit my mid-20’s I began to get the faintest hint that perhaps I didn’t really know myself and didn’t currently have the space to really discover who I was as a person.  I had the strongest feeling that for me to grow as a person, I needed to do that.  So, after finding the courage to do so, I ended my relationship and embarked on a long period of self-discovery, being single and experiencing freedom for the first time in my young life.

Turning point…


However in 2009 I fell pregnant unexpectedly in less than ideal circumstances.  And this took me on an entirely different path to a very dark place.


I had been living a very intense life in London, long hours in the office, too many nights out socialising, too much partying and the oppressive energy that comes with this type of living.  It was a lifestyle of excesses and this was not me, and I ‘knew’ that I needed to live a much more wholesome life with real and genuine people who cared about me.  However, I ignored my intuition and decided to let things unfold continuing on this road to destruction.


Fast forward to January 2007 and my beautiful daughter, Molly, arrived into this world.  She was a beacon of light and hope.  She was, and still is, beautiful and I am eternally grateful that I am graced with her presence in my life.  However, as much as I loved her and did everything in my power to provide for her, my light had dimmed.  The world had changed and negativity had set in.  I no longer looked for the positive in things, I no longer believed in magic and miracles and I no longer believed everything happened for a reason.  My spirituality had seemingly left me.  I wasn’t the same person.  A cloud had descended.  Anxiety and depression took hold, and I had seemed to lose my ability to cope with life.  I pretended to the outside world I was ok and coping fine, however inside I crumbled.


This pattern continued until I met my amazing husband in 2010.  We married in 2013 and had our son Noah later that year.  For the first time in a long time, I felt settled, loved and supported and my daughter finally had an amazing dad in her life.  But there was still things I needed to align in my life…


Finding my passion


Ever since I left Uni in 1999 I had worked in the same industry, never feeling fulfilled and never feeling passionate about what I did.  Throughout my corporate career I met some truly inspirational and amazing people, but it never ceased to amaze me that they got so much from their job and seemed to genuinely feel fulfilled by it.  I’d never had that.


And so my quest began.  My feet firmly on my path, I began a journey of self-discovery and betterment and finally found the confidence to live with integrity and be completely true to myself.  I felt stronger and more alive than I had in my entire adult life.  This, of course, involved some heartbreak along the way, but what I found was that by decluttering certain areas of my life, it seemed to make room for bigger and better things to come in.


I avidly researched personality and learning types, different careers and eventually found my calling.  To be a life coach.  It made so much sense…  I loved working with people, was intrigued by how the mind worked, had built up enough tools in resilience over the years to share with others and I ultimately strived to help people better themselves and make positive changes.  So I made a plan and took the necessary steps to make this happen.  Failure wasn’t and isn’t an option.


The transition has not been easy, and I’ve had to do a lot of hard work on keeping my mindset on the right track, anxiety at bay and maintaining the belief that the everything will work out.  And I have and it has.  So, here I am.  And this is where my story really begins….


If you resonate with my story and can see some of yourself in my words and would like to see positive change in your life then I’d love to hear from you.


“I truly believe that in life, everything is possible.”

Nicola McLeod x




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