31 May Eat, Pray, Love

I recently watched the film Eat, Pray, Love & then instantly read the book.  Can you imagine being that indulgent you could take a year out to Eat your way around Italy, Pray in India, then spend the remainder of time serving a medicine man to teach him how to speak English?  Amazing!
I digress.  The point of this post is to talk about balance.  And as self-indulgent as Liz Gilbert’s year away in finding herself was, I dare say it’s something each of us would secretly desire to do!  Liz not only discovered herself, she also experienced the elusive enlightenment that only a handful of souls seem to discover.
But my point is, she didn’t find it by seeking a teacher, mentor, spiritualist, or by any external means.  She found this within herself.
You see, under the noise of our thoughts, beliefs & emotions, we all have this quiet space within us.  We all have the potential to find enlightenment if we desire to do so.  And we can do this simply by giving ourselves permission to stop, to sit quietly & meditate, go for a walk & just enjoy being in nature, or going for a run in silence & be at peace with our thoughts…  the key for finding this place of balance within ourselves is ’silence’.
It’s not mindlessly watching boxset after boxset, not relying on a glass of wine at night to unwind & ’switch off’, then having to rely on the buzz of caffeine in the morning to get going (been there, done that!)  The secret to finding this is in the silent space between our thoughts.
Although Liz found enlightenment, she then struggled to bring this peace, calm & balanced feeling into her life & relationships.  It was easy to do & have in an Ashram in India & a beach hut in Bali, but in NYC?!
However, as the medicine man pointed out to her, the challenge isn’t in finding enlightenment, it is in bringing it into your everyday life.  Finding yourself responding & not reacting to things, respecting others’ models of the world & realising that when someone or something triggers you, look in the mirror.  The lesson isn’t for us to be the victim, it’s for us to realise a part of ourselves that we haven’t yet got to grips with.
So this is what finding balance in life means to me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts… 💕
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